Tourmatic Tour Operator Software Suite and CRM  
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A Tour Operator Software Exceeding Boundaries

Tourmatic is a Tour Operator Software Suite and CRM that simplifies the business process flow for just about any tour operator's business. The full Business Transaction Cycle and Reporting is managed holistically. See the big picture with full traceability, transparency and auditable control of your operations. Your back office tasks, such as quotations, bookings, invoicing, payments, itinerary and tour builder is smoother and easier. Tourmatic offers excellent functionality for transport and vehicle management.  Manage FIT, Group, Inbound, Domestic, Specialist, Outbound, Educational, Sports Tours, etc. with ease and flexibility.

Tourmatic's integrated Cuddle CRM is your tool to manage your Customer's Relationship. Customers and tourists are an important priority for a tour operator's growth. Cuddle CRM provides valuable information to know your customers. Gain insights into their needs, interests, budget threshold, buying patterns and more. By using information with precision your marketing strategy can be more focused and appropriately segmented.  Request a demo today

With the appropriate tools you work faster, consistently, efficiently with an improved turnaround. With essential business processes being automated, experience increased productivity and quality of your service delivery to your clients. Tourmatic integrates with  Wetu, Nightsbridge and ResRequest for live availability. DISCOUNTED OFFER EXPIRES 31 JULY 2024.

From Tour Operator to Travel Artisan - Why limit Yourself?

Tourmatic is conceptualized and designed in consultation with industry experts and clearly speaks your language. Therefore you are productive from day one with a rich set of features and rich user experience.  With the diversity of tour operators in mind, Tourmatic is designed for elegance and flexibility which is easy to extend. Work with consistent and accurate information every time. Sort and search for information in any way you want. The Tourmatic Tour Operator Software Suite and CRM is business process driven and document supported.

Best Tour operator software

Tourmatic's integrated Data Analytics Systems and Business Intelligence, CRM, FinFlash, Happy Pax and Silk Road exposes the story behind the numbers. The range of dashboards presents your data and KPI's visually within seconds. See information below. 

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Tourmatic Tour Operator Software Overview

Best tour operator software features
  • Manage FIT, Group, Multi-Day tours, Activities etc. end to end.
  • Cuddle CRM - manage contacts, requests, campaigns. CRM Analytics Dashboard
  • Master data management for suppliers, rates, transactions, quotes, bookings, payments
  • Sparkle Tourwriter - print itineraries and digital itineraries. Content browser
  • Vehicle Management modules: iDrive, Roadwise, Silk Road
  • Happy Pax Rating, Finlash Ex and Operations Dashboard
  • Kanban task board, Google Maps
  • Accounting interfaces, debtors
  • Integrates to Wetu  and ResRequest
  • Reporting, Excel import/export functions
  • Multi-Company, Customizable and more...

Cuddle CRM for Tour Operators

tour operator software crm

Streamline the client-facing processes and data management. Manage their  relationships and steer your leads through the stages of the sales pipeline. Have a clear view of your sales team's client servicing activities within the sales pipeline. Follow up sales deals and react faster to move them along and close sales more efficiently. Identify dead deals and their causes.

Cuddle's sales funnel provides you with an up to date view of your request conversion rate and that of your sales consultants too. The Cuddle CRM Dashboard together with  FinFlash are your Data Analytics and Business Intelligence tools which provides with a visual view of your KPI's. This information is available at any time.   

Data Analytics for Tour Operators

tour operator software data analytics

Data is viewed as the new oil of the economy.  The free Finflash Executive Dashboard was developed especially for tour operators.  Transform the most deep rooted data to information and intelligence with a single click. Gain business insights and foresight. Identify risks and operational inefficiencies in business areas. Understand the dynamics in your business. Armed with this information, you can better formulate strategies and plans on how to increase both sales and profits. Compare business performance and KPI's between any periods.

The Happy Pax Rating Dashboard provides functionality to manage your pax sentiments. Having many customers does not mean much if many are unsatisfied with the services you provide. This will impact the business since customers are likely to share their experiences with others.  There is no doubt that this is a crucial KPI for tour operators who desire sustainable growth and client satisfaction. Happy Pax exposes your customer's sentiments of the operations. The analysis produced by Happy Pax will help you identify these strengths and  weaknesses and rethink business. 

No third party analytical software or services are required.  This means that sensitive performance information is not exposed externally. The remains your 'secret' and you have total control of ownership.  

Vehicle Management for Tour Operators

Tour operator vehicle management

If you are an owner of vehicles or a transport services provider then iDrive and ROADWISE Transport Scheduler is a must have to manage your vehicles and the transport booking process. The key functionality are listed below.

  • Vehicle Master Data Management
  • Management Reporting
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption
  • Silk Road Vehicle Data Analytics and Dashboard
  • Track Vehicle Availability
  • Assign Drivers to Vehicles
  • Print Trip Sheets, Check Lists
  • and more...
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