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Night Host PLUS is an Online Guest House Software. It is multi-property and supports Central Reservations Management. Accommodation establishments exist as diverse business models and operate in different style modus. With this in view Night Host PLUS is unique by design and versatile in order to meet the needs for a wide spectrum of business models such as Lodges, Chalets, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns, Boutique Hotels, Motels, Self-Catering Apartments, Hostels, Camping Sites etc. With a high degree of software flexibility you get an excellent value for money. Experience it live. Request a demo today.

Sniffer Data Analytics provides analytical support for Night Host PLUS users. Sniffer analyses your business data to provide you Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real time at any minute of the day. There is no need to upload data to any third party service. We do it directly from your system. Thus your data is not exposed outside. Since it runs directly of your data base  you save paying a third party for this service.

Guest inSights provides guest house and lodge owners KPI's of their guests sentiments. Gain a deeper into your guest's satisfaction of your services offering. For example, the degree to which they are satisfied with your services, value for money, will they refer you and return. 

We give accommodation establishments quality business management tools to run and grow their guest house businesses.  Key business processes are automated to optimize your time and simplify the management of the entire booking transaction cycle.  This makes Night  
Host PLUS extremely fast and easy to learn and use. Night Host PLUS be hosted on a single computer, Cloud Server or on a Local Network.

Sniffer Data Analytics and Guests inSights are is FREE

Sniffer Data Analytics FREE

Re-Image Your Business

We have streamlined guest house management. Night Host PLUS is feature rich, uncomplicated and solid in design. It is designed to help you operate professionally and economically regardless of the size of the business. Being developed through extensive research and with continued consultation with guest house business owners we strive to give you only the best. The optimized businesses process, intuitive interfaces and logical presentation of business information in Night Host PLUS definitely speaks your language. Consider the work done in the manner you expect it. The system does not carry bloat, but stability and quality.

Night Host PLUS integrates with Nightsbridge (single or multi-property) to give you the best online booking capability.  The booking engine links straight to your website so you’ll get more commission-free, direct bookings. This means improved sales. There  are hundreds of channel managers to choose from too.

best guest house software

Work with greater accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. Eliminate manual error prone record keeping, duplication and loss of valuable business information.  With minimal training you will be productive within hours. Night Host PLUS will lower your software investment cost and will pay for itself within the first week. There is no lengthy implementation phases. If Excel or Words are your booking management tools today, then you owe yourself a re-think for a change.

Night Host PLUS

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Night Host PLUS Guest House and Lodge Management

best guest house software features
  • Multi-Property Online Central Reservation System Capability. Interface to Nights Bridge
  • Waitlist Function and Daily Movement Dashboard
  • Availability Calendar
  • Quotation, Reservation Management
  • Billing Management (Resident, Split and Casual Billing)
  • Manage Payments
  • Guest Management, Guest Stay History
  • House Keeping and Maintenance
  • Management Reporting
  • Activity Manager
  • Guest inSights - Guest Review Dashboard
  • Todays Status Dashboard
  • Campaign Management
  • Create Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Points, Guest Register
  • Debtor Management and Accounting Interface
  • Point Of Sale Integration (open interface)
  • Dynamic Search and Sort Function, Excel Import/Export

Guest inSights - Reputation Management

Guest review software

The FREE Guest inSights is Night Host's PLUS reputation management dashboard. It enables guest houses, lodges etc. to collect guest’s review comments and sentiments data and analyze them. Being informed of your guest’s sentiments and experience is paramount to identify business strengths and weaknesses.  React promptly and make informed decisions required to respond and repair any damages which may have an adverse business impact. 

Guest inSights drills down to a granular levels into the complex silo of business data, such as to transaction and document levels. With data analytics and  business intelligence visualize critical key satisfaction indicators such as, Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money, Net Promoter Score and more. Gain an insight into an understanding of your guest’s experience and your CUSTOMERS SUCCESS. 

Guest inSights eliminates the need to upload data to a costly third party analytics service provider. This  method is also a disconnect from your business. With Guest inSights you have direct access to your data constantly and can extract just about any data analytics within seconds. Guest inSights will save you thousands per annum.  Guest houses and lodges can save hundreds per annum.  

House Keeping and Maintenance

guest house software house keeping

The House Keeping Scheduler in Night Host PLUS lets you easily track the status of all rooms to ensure that they are ready in time before your guests arrive.

Function Overview: 

  • Create Customized Cleaning List
  • Set up House Keeping Work Groups
  • Define Progress Statuses
  • Create Task Assignments
  • Create Maintenance Work Order
  • Track and Monitor Maintenance Progress
  • Reporting

Activity Manager

guest house activity manager

Ask Heidi Activity Manager - The Ask Heidi Activity Manager is fully integrated with Night Host PLUS. Manage all activities you sell on behalf of your agent.

Ask Heidi Activity Manager includes: 

  • Activity Booking Manager
  • Activity Product Master
  • Activity Price Master
  • Agent Master
  • Activity Schedule Calendar
  • Integrated invoicing (resident and casual invoicing) with Night Host PLUS
  • and more...
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