Change Strategy

Swiss Solvesit GmbH is registered in Hessen, Germany. With over 30 years of Business and Software Engineering experience it can proudly demonstrate its expertise in business consultancy for a wide range of businesses and systems. The company specializes in tour operator software and guest house software. The Tourmatic Tour Operator Software Suite and Night Host PLUS PMS  were developed for Tour Operator Management and Guest House Management respectively. Clients are serviced across diverse regions such as South Africa, East Africa, Nairobi Kenya, Mombasa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Costa Rica, Canada etc.

In 2019 Tourmatic and Night Host PLUS were introduced in East Africa, with a sales, support and training office in Nairobi Kenya. The systems were perceived to be a fresh impulse and embraced by The Tourism and Hospitality Industry to be superior software products for the travel trade in East Africa. The time saving automated processes, data analytics and business intelligence were received with a 'must have' attitude.  Swiss Solvesit recently launched the Cuddle-CRM for specifically tour operators.

Our Values

Shortcuts in systems development take too long. We leave that to others. To ensure system quality and stability, a strategic project and release management approach drives us. We get it right the first time.  Code Solid! Hence a peace of mind for you with the solutions we deliver.  We invest in the time that is required to research business trends and solutions constantly and  refine our products. Our aspiration is to provide a superior products and high value for ours clients while being a responsible member of the international business community. 

Our values: Undoubtedly we all continue to live and operate in difficult times. We exist among diverse demographic groups and cultures. There are differences which is an opportunity to learn and not to blind us to build walls. However, to embrace the commonality among us we open doors and breakdown walls.  At Swiss Solvesit we believe and practice this simple philosophy.