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Become a reseller for our products.  This is an excellent opportunity to expand your product portfolio  and supplement your revenue. If you are an IT support company, consultant, web developer, independent software company, software reseller etc., then this is an ideal option for you. 

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Swiss Solvesit Tourism Software Product Line

The Swiss Solvesit Tourism Software Product Line was developed to serve the Tourism and Hospitality sector. The focus is to give tour operators and guest houses, management tools in order to operate with greater efficiency, professionalism and in a cost saving manner. The product line includes: 

Our systems are designed to ensure a high quality of data management and to provide rich business management information.  Take your business to a higher performance level with up to date innovative Tourism and Hospitality Technology.  Enjoy our FREE Data Analytic and Business Intelligence Support. We save you thousands each year. Click for FREE Downloads

Business Performance on a Higher Level

Perfectly Coded with the best software design practices. Thus to ensure the highest system up time, stability, and reliability. Your business partners and customers are special. They expect reliability and the best in your products and services. Our systems will help you to operate on a solid foundation to meet their expectations.  

Let  Swiss Solvesit'ssystems help you to put quality in business management and customer experience. Be informed and stay informed. It is not the cost of software, but rather the cost of not using software. Tourmatic and Night Host  PLUS on the Cloud travels with you in order that you can work from anywhere. 

As a member of the Swiss Made Software Organization, it means our commitment to Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision. They are the building blocks of our systems that we offer. Embark on a successful computing experience and avoid an expensive disaster. 

Committed to Excellence

Time moves forward and is not free. Being organized, focused and free from operational chaos is under your control. Achieve more with automated business processes and save time. Throw away time wasting Excel spread sheets, Words and other  error prone manual procedures. The Swiss Solvesit Tourism Software Product Line provides you with the best fit economic software which is rich in functionality to support you to plan organize, lead and control your business. 

Preparing group tourng

Start today and improve revenue, avoid cost, improve service and strengthen your position. Tourmatic  tour operator software  and Night Host PLUS guesthouse software are designed to scale with business growth, BUT without shrinking wallet.  You do not require a long drawn costly implementation phase filled with technical hot air and bloat.

Clients are serviced across diverse regions worldwide, such as South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Nairobi Kenya, Mombasa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Costa Rica, Canada etc. 

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Tour Operator Software  with CRM, Transport Management, Sparkle Itinerary Builder, MICE, Finflash ExDB, Google Maps, Happy Pax DB and more....

Night Host PLUS 

Online software for guesthouses, lodges, B&B, hotels etc. Includes Guest inSights Review Software, Activity Manager and more...

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