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Tour and Travel Operator Software and CRM

Evolving Systems for Evolving Business


The Tourmatic Tour Operator Software Suite and CRM, goes beyond just creating quotations and itineraries. The tour operator's  full Business Transaction Cycle and Reporting is managed and viewed holistically, providing the true big picture and full traceability, transparency and auditable control of your operations.  Tourmatic also integrates with Wetu.


The integrated business intelligence and data analytics systems - FinFlash, Happy Pax and Silk Road exposes the story behind the numbers. Tourmatic's range of dashboards presents  your data and KPI's visually. Improve business throughput and efficiency, do less and get more, know more. Improve the productivity and quality of your service delivery to your clients. Lets work  together towards a new experience. Your consultants will thank you!!



One System Many Options

Many Options One Cost


The ultimate Tool Box of Solutions For Tour, Travel and Transport Operators





With Tourmatic's fully integrated with Cuddle-CRM manage interactions with customers and potential customers. Streamline your sales processes, understand better and build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. Improve marketing and manage your campaigns. Track your conversion rate holistically and by consultants.





Hard Work Made Easier

With TM-ASSIST, Tourmatic talks to you and guides you. With tasks following a logical end to end business processes your work is streamlined. There is no clutter and everything is referenced and easily traceable and much more...


Longtime Made Shorter

Tourmatic is diversified with many seamless integrated  business components and tools. With the appropriate tools you work faster, consistently, efficiently and without workarounds.  Improve your turnaround.


Guesswork to Facts

Tourmatic analyses raw data and transforms it into invaluable business information and facts. Such transformation talks to you and supports your decision making. Bring the bigger picture back into focus, uncover hidden connections and create real change. Harness business KPIs in seconds.


Tourmatic on the Cloud travels with you


Tourmatic is conceptualized and designed in consultation with experts in the business and clearly speaks your language.

Whether you are a Inbound, Outbound, FIT, Group, Scheduled Tour operators, Transport Provider etc., Tourmatic gets you productive from day one. With its feature rich set of functionality and well designed interfaces it is easy to visualize business artefacts.


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Tourmatic Core Features

With the diversity of tour operators in mind Tourmatic is flexible, easy to extend and can be used as you wish. You work with consistent and accurate information everytime. Sort and search for information in any way you want. Tourmatic is business process driven and document supported.


·         Create colour itineraries with images, quotes (FIT,Group etc.) bookings, invoices, vouchers, payments etc. All processes are automated. Print trip sheets. KANBAN Task Manager, TM-ASSIST, SlikRoad

·         Finflash Executive Dashboard (visual financial view). Cuddle-CRM

·         Happy Pax Rating Dashboard. Know your pax sentiments.

·         GoogleMaps – incorporate maps, directions into itineraries.

·         Manage Suppliers.

·         Manage Pax Master.

·         Flexible Price Management.

·         Supports for Transport Operators - create quote, bookings, invoicing, transport schedules, reports and more

·         Simple Act - Debtors and Creditors Accounting System. Accounting Interfaces to Omni and Pastel Accounting.

·         Comprehensive Management Reporting. Additional grid reports also available.

·         Forex support, Excel export/import, accommodation allotment, full security, Tour Dashboard, Operations Manager.

·         Multi company and fully customizable.


Tourmatic Analytics and Business Intelligence

Get the Story Behind the Numbers


With a single click you can now have the most deep rooted information and intelligence. Gain business insights and foresight. Identify risks and operational inefficiencies in business areas. Understand exactly what’s going on in your business at all times and what’s working and what’s not working. Armed with this information, it’s simple to increase both sales and profits. Compare KPIs between any business periods. See the Happy Pax and Finflash Executive Dashboard below.


Happy Pax Rating Dashboard

Client sentiments do matter

A common mistake that businesses make is thinking that having more customers will solve all their business woes. But if your offer is not very good or the cost outweighs the value, your customers are not going to be very happy. Having a lot of customers does not mean much if few of them are satisfied by the services you’re providing. In fact, it can work against you, as those customers are likely to share their experiences with friends, family members, or even strangers. Bad news travels.



There is no doubt about it, that this is a crucial KPI for all tour and activity companies who want sustainable growth. Happy Pax quickly exposes these aspects of the business. The Analysis produced by Happy Pax will help you to rethink business.


Finflash Executive Dashboard

 Business Insights in Focus


Tourmatic gives you a range of up to date productivity tools to view your business from multiple perspectives  and dimensions. We turn your data into information and information into insights.  Finflash is a must have  for any professional tour operator.




See the big picture and understand the significance of your data by placing it in a visual context. Business patterns, trends and correlations are often overlooked by textual reports. With Finflash these are easily exposed through data visualization.
Your operations has accumulated a mass of data over years. Finflash provides you the ability to quickly and easily get an overview of this data in a visual manner.





All modules are seamlessly integrated in to one robust system at no extra cost! Undisputedly affordable value. No more clumsy Excel work arounds.  Plan business matters with an improved focus, react faster to customer's needs professionally. Be more efficient in the work environment helps to use resources optimally.


Tour Dashboard
The Tour Dashboard provides a multi-dimensional view of all tours that are scheduled and running for any period. Identify your peak and slack periods immediately. Forward plan and distribute your capacity optimally. View a summary of the tour itinerary at a mouse click. You can also drill down to the tour details and portfolio.

Featherbeds Accommodation Allotment Calendar

Use Featherbeds (manages multi-properties) to maintain the availability of accommodation. For example, if you have

allotment booking agreements with suppliers or rent your own accommodation, then Featherbeds is a simple tool to help you

manage the availability of your room stock.


Transport Operator Support

As a provider of transport services the ROADWISE Transport Scheduler is a must have to manage the transport booking process.


Transport Scheduler for tour operator



·         Visual view of all bookings and reservations.

·         Maintain driver information.

·         Assign drivers to vehicles.

·         Check driver availability.

·         Assign pickup and drop off information per booking.

·         Print pax lists, schedule plans, vehicle check lists, trip sheets, management reports in seconds.

·         and more…


ROADFARE for Comprehensive Transport Costing
Roadfare allows you calculate the cost of a trip at a granular level. It provides you with visual information and can be created at any time from your database. With an improved costing process you can manage your margins optimally and negotiate with facts. An indispensable tool for the transport operator.


Tour operator software transport cost


·        Accurate transport costing.

·        View profitability instantly.

·        Specify catering needs.

·        Print cost sheet.

·       Unlimited cost item allocation - fully configurable.

·       Serve your pax on a personal level.

·       and more…


i-Drive Vehicle Management

With i-Drive you manage your tour vehicle fleet or your private vehicles. Monitor vehicle running cost on maintenance, fuel consumption and maintain overall vehicle information. Full vehicle master information is maintained and comes with a set of management reports. If you rent you own vehicles or provide transport, then this module will add value for the tour operator. i-Drive is integrated with the ROADWISE transport scheduler.


i-Drive Vehicle Rental / Car Pool Calendar
Maintain the rental status of vehicles in your rental fleet in seconds. With the i-Drive Vehicle Rental / Car Pool Calendar you are able to  view any 365 day period. Vehicle bookings appear directly in the client's tour booking. A booking period can be easily changed and double bookings are avoided.



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