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Night Host PLUS

The Guesthouse and Lodge Management Software


Swiss Solvesit's understand that accommodation establishments exist as diverse business models and operate in different style modus. With this in view Night Host PLUS is unique by design in order to provide functionality for a wide spectrum of business models such as Lodges, Chalets, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns, Boutique Hotels, Motels, Self-Catering Apartments, Hostels, Game Farms, Camping Sites, Rondavels etc. Therefore Night Host PLUS is versatile and suitable for most business models.



Night Host PLUS  supports multi-properties. Manage any number of properties at various locations on one central database. Gain full control and visibility of your entire portfolio anytime. Thus you have a simplified Central Reservation capability too. Reporting is also available by property.


FREE Guest inSights guest review software is now included with Night Host PLUS. Know your client's sentiments.

Guest inSights save thousands on review software subscription each year


Smarter, Simpler and Solid

Night Host PLUS guesthouse management software is smarter in functionality, simpler to use and solid in design. It is designed to help you operate professionaly and economically regardless of the size of the business. Complex time consuming tasks are simplified. Make Night Host PLUS your Trusted Guesthouse Manager for a peace mind.

Being developed through extensive research and with continued consultation with industry professionals you get the best. The optimized businesses process and logical presentation of business information in Night Host PLUS just gets the work done. Unlike other systems Swiss Solvesit's applications do not carry bloat, but stability and quality.

Visualize information and take control of your business. Navigate easily through all functions. With minimal training you will be productive within hours.

Night Host PLUS will lower your software investment cost and increase your productivity. It will pay for itself within the first week. There is no lengthy implementation phases.

Manage promotions with the promotions dashboard. Create loyalty programs to promote incentives and increase earnings.


 Guests inSights - Manage your Reputation and Grow


Guests inSights is FREE with Night Host PLUS.  Why is Guest inSights a must have?

Guest inSights enables guest houses,  lodges etc. to collect and analyze guest’s review comments and sentiments about the business. Being informed of your guest’s sentiments and experience is paramount to identify business problems and weaknesses. Such information enables one to react and make informed decisions required to repair any damages which will affect the business adversely.


Guest inSights drills deeply into the complex Silo of Business Data. With business intelligence and data analytics you can easily visualize important key business indicators such as, Overall Satisfaction, Value for Money, Net Promoter Score and more.


Now you can understand your guest’s experience and know your CUSTOMERS SUCCESS.  Your CUSTOMERS SUCCESS is imperative for managing the relationship between your business and your guests. With the FREE Dashboard you can easily learn about your guest's feedback and rating of you and your services. Start tracking your business performance at a granular level. Gain knowledge which is a must  have, for business growth and reputation management.



Guests inSights presents the BIG PICTURE of your guest’s opinions and how it will impact your business in the long term. Such facts cannot be ignored for sustainable growth and competitiveness. The days of  “selling accommodation” and simple “check-in”  “check-out”  are over. Providing a good service is subjective and matters only if your guests are of the same opinion. The Guests inSights Dashboard visually presents these opinions and provides you with information to act decisively.


Guest inSights eliminate the need to upload the same information to a costly third party for your analysis. This  method is also a disconnect from your business. With  Guest Insights you have constant access to your data directly. As a result you can extract just about any data analytics  required. Guest inSights will save you thousands per annum.


Some of Night Host PLUS rich features: 


·         Multi-Property Availability Calendar

·         Online Booking

·         Booking Reservation Management (streamlined group bookings)

·         Guest inSights FREE guest feedback and review dashboard

·         Heidi - FREE Activity Manager

·         Reg Right Guest Register

·         House Keeping

·         Guest Management

·         Billing (Split and Casual Billing)

·         Payment Management

·         Debtor Management and Accounting Interface

·         Gift Vouchers

·         Shift Control

·         Management Reporting

·         Point Of Sale Integration (open interface)

·         Excel Import

·         Time Matters Diary


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